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23rd Nov 2022

The Cardinal Sin of Podcasting

Podcasting is arguably the most powerful media available today for getting your message out there. It's accessible, it's relatively inexpensive, and perhaps most important, you don't need to fret about getting "cancelled" because you express an opinion not approved by Big Tech.

It's also overwhelming for the uninitiated at the very thought of doing it. Because let's face it; it is a lot of work if you want to do it right. And if you're not a business with a huge marketing budget, you probably don't have the funds needed to hire a professional producer (like your humble host) to do the lion's share of the work for you.

This is why I've created the Podcasting 0-60 program. I will show you the tips, tricks and hacks I've learned over 8 years in the business (and making my living producing podcasts) and will guide you through every aspect of the creation process so that you're up and running WITH YOUR VERY OWN PODCAST in 60 days or less!

It's not as difficult as you might think with the right training and coaching, and you won't break the bank getting started.

To learn more about how starting a podcast can improve your visibility and IMPACT in your market, visit podcasting0-60.com!

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About the Podcast

Ba Vojdaan!
Conscious Living in a Zonked-Out World
با وجدان (Ba Vojdaan) is Persian for "conscious".

Welcome to our little show. We endeavor to live a conscious life in an increasingly zonked-out world. Our mission is to share our unique insights and life experiences to show that there are ways of living a righteous life other than those presented to us by the Gatekeepers of Polite Society.

About your hosts:
James and Sana met in March 2019 after James, at the time a resident of Virginia Beach, VA, left his email address on a scrap of paper in the beak of a courier pigeon, which somehow ended up as a stowaway on a cargo ship headed for China. The note w/ James' email address got caught up in a windstorm at the port in Qingdao and landed precipitously on the (non-American) football field at British University of Vietnam, where Sana was leading a group of amateur tai chi enthusiasts during their morning routine prior to beginning the day's courses. Mistaking the email address for that of her local supplier of matcha green tea, Sana emailed immediately to refill her supply. James playfully went along with the dialogue for several emails, until finally revealing he indeed had no green tea to sell, but would be willing to share his undying devotion and commitment until the end of time and beyond.

About your host

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James Newcomb

James Newcomb is a musician, podcaster, family man, entrepreneur, and world traveler. He is the producer of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast, and hosts two shows of his own: Trumpet Dynamics, and Ba Vojdaan which is co-hosted with his wife, Sana. Find James on the web at jns.media.